Back and in Graz

Long time no read, sorry for that, but much has changed since my last post. Just a short rundown: At the end of June I found a job in Graz with a Java shop, which means that I’m now living in the capital of Styria which also means that I had to find an apartment and get at least the baseline-equipment (couch, TV-table, office table, etc.). The moment I get it cleaned up, I will make some small videos (thanks to my new iPhone 3GS) :-)

Thanks to all of that change I had barely time for anything else (like contributing to OSS projects for instance), not that I was online at home to begin with ;-) That changed this Tuesday (that’s sooo “Star Trek: Generations”), so I can finally be productive when at home.

What does my new job mean for this blog? Not all that much. In my off-hours I will still work with Python and so on but you might see a few more Java-related posts. There are some really great libraries and tools out and so far I was too Python focused for my taste, anyway (Jython anyone? ^_^).