Another open-world game - Red Faction: Guerrilla

This summer seems to be besides another Summer of Code and Summer of Arcade also a summer of open-world games. First InFamous and then Prototype and Red Faction: Guerrilla. A few weeks ago a Libro for some reason made Red Faction a budget title and so I got it right the next day thanks to the stories I heard about it on ListenUP a few months ago.

Now I’m about 6 hours in the game and I have to say that I’m really impressed. First of all: It’s really rare for a franchise that started as a FPS to change into something else (or like in this case a GTA-like game), with RF1 and 2 being actually quite competent shooters. But hey, destroying buildings is definitely more fun if you can drive from town to town while doing that ;-) And towns there are a lot of in RF: Guerrilla.

So far the missions have been really entertaining and it’s just pure fun to set some charges on various parts of a building, add some barrels and just watch the whole thing blow up and crumble to pieces. And there are just sooo many different ways to do that :-)

There also seems to be some strong story aspects going back to the first revolution, but so far I only had one mission in that direction. After the first couple of hours I can really recommend this game, if you aren’t already suffering from the open-world-fatigue. Sure, it has some problems (like you using a continue having effects on the world and respawning taking place kilometers from where you’ve died), but something that broke the atmosphere, yet :-)