Finishing Shadow Complex without finishing it

Yesterday, Shadow Complex for Xbox360 was released and I was really looking forward to spending a couple of days exploring every single room on the map. I just love games were you can explore a lot and benefit from it immensely. And yesterday, that whole concept worked really well. Tonight at 2100 o’clock I had about 70% of the map explored and 50% of the items. Some major add-ons were still missing, though.

So while moving to find the next add-on for my armor … I stumbled into a story event, triggered some events and more or less … closed all doors to that item. I though: “Well, perhaps I can get back to it from another route” and moved on. The next thing, I stumbled AGAIN onto a story event since it was on the way to getting another add-on … and it was the final battle.

So now, I find myself in the situation where I’ve finished the game (on easy), without 50% of the armor enhancements that are actually part of the story and that open up tons of new rooms. And to some of them I seem to be unable to get back to without resetting the whole game. Just great :-(

Don’t get me wrong, though: The game is great and well worth the 1200 spacebucks, but stuff like that just annoys the hell out of me. First of all: You shouldn’t be able to finish the game without finding all integral parts of your body armor and second, you shouldn’t be able to lock yourself out of certain areas where there are still hidden items.