USK game boxes - Lost in Translation

After half a year of not playing Mirror's Edge anymore, today I finally bought it. In spring Mathias let me mess around with it a little bit and I really enjoyed it. But suddenly other things came up and I never finished it. For a few months now I've been thinking again and again about buying the game … and never actually did it. Why? Because, while I often see the PS3 version in local stores for 20 EUR, all they have is the USK-rated version that says it only offers the German voice tracks.

Let me make a small detour and tell you something about localized games: While often acceptable, it is only very rarely en par with the original voice work. There are some notable exceptions from this rule like Prince of Persia (the "new" one) but in general if you understand the "original" language a game was developed in, play it in that language.

So, back to the main topic: Today I again went into a local electronics store, primarily to get Spirit Tracks, but also saw once again a bunch of Mirror's Edge boxes. Naturally the already mentioned USK-box. So I checked with and found, that it actually might also contain the English language pack. I guess I was kind of adventurous today so I just bought it and was really delighted when all the voice work was really in English :-)

But why is it so hard to just write that onto the box? The same happened with Red Faction and other games and IIRC inFamous even offered the English language pack as a download right after the game's release. It's like someone forgot that oftentimes there is more than just a single language pack on the disc. @Sony: Don't hide, that the English pack is on the disc! Be proud of it and write it on the box :-)