New "Light" theme for Ubuntu

Seems like Ubuntu is finally about to dump the primarily brown theme it has been using for the last … well, since its first release. On the equally new brand pageΒ you can find a screenshot for each variant of the theme (dark and bright) as well as the new logo. Personally, I think the new look is really nice, judging from the screenshots I saw (Putting it on my netbook would kind of defeat the purpose of that devices ;-)). It appears to me far more mature and slightly more "professional" than the previous "Human" theme.

What I don’t like, or at least haven't come around liking, is the new window-button order (the buttons you see in the upper left corner of each window in these screenshots): For me, the action I use the most on any given window is the "close" action. And this is just easiest to reach when positioned in one of the outer corners. Perhaps has a patent on having the close button in the top right corner and it being red … who knows.

If you want to know more without installing it, Ars Technica has some nice hands-on article.Β 

Now I just have to find some not-used notebook with an Intel chip that I could put this onto :-/