The Year of the Conferences

Wow, I just realized that this year is probably the one most packed with conferences ever for me. To be honest, I also count barcamps since the best conferences are for me those where I (1) get to drink some beers with awesome people, (2) learn about new techniques and technologies and (3) get ideas for new projects. So barcamps definitely qualify ;-)

So far 2010 allowed me to participate in two (un)conferences: Barcamp Klagenfurt 2010, for which you can find my summary here, and just some weeks ago the eJUGdays 2010 in Vienna, an Enterprise Java focused conference. A great and nicely focused conference which I can fully recommend, by the way.

But there is more …

Well, two conferences was usually all I got each year, or three at best. But the year has just started and so has my conference schedule:

Between May 7th and 9th the FH Joanneum in Graz will be the place to go if you want to learn more about design, knowledge engineering, politics, iPhone development and much more. Barcamp Graz 2010 is a combined effort by 4 separate unconferences to offer something for everyone.

Next comes in Berlin between May 24th and 28th. Last year's Euro DjangoCon in Prague was a blast and I can't wait to see what Jannis, Stephan, Martin and all the other people behind this year's edition have to offer :D

And right when I get back from Berlin, it is time for Barcamp Vienna 2010 and just like in 2007 then main venue is within the Austrian Microsoft headquarters.

Last but definitely not least on my schedule is EuroPython 2010 in Birmingham at the end of July. PyCon UK 2008 was probably the conference I had the most fun at and learnt the most. And being in the UK is always great, not to mention being in a town that has a Walkabout ;-)

Well, and so far I only have a schedule up until July. So, perhaps there are some nice and not all too expensive Java conferences in the neighborhood to balance out all that Python.

Update: Forgot about Barcamp Vienna :-/