Helvetireader 2.0 released

Getting tired of always the same old Google Reader interface greeting you in the morning? That or do you just don’t like its look? Well, Jon Hicks recently released a new version of his Userscript powered alternative theme for Google’s feed reader called Helvetireader, which is hopefully more to your liking :-) All you need is Firefox + Greasemonkey, Chrome, Safari + Greasekit or Opera and you can use it in just a few clicks.

I started using it two days ago and so far I really enjoy that simple look and feel. All I’m missing is the rendering of the like-counter, but given that it’s just some CSS I could probably add it by myself in just a couple of lines ;-) Back in 2007 I was already using one of Jon Hick’s themes and stuck with it for a really long time (until I started moving between browsers again and kind of forgot about it) and this new one definitely looks promising enough to have the same long-term impact on me :-)