Wir fahren nach Berlin!

Well, it’s sad that the DFB didn’t offer to move their Pokalfinale up for 2 weeks to become part of DjangoCon’s side events but even without that, the last week of May (May 24th to 28th) will be full of excitement, fun, and ponies :D

Last year’s EuroDjangoCon took place in Prague and was probably my No. 2 conference of all time (nothing can beat PyCon UK'08 ;-)). I learnt so much there, met so many great people and had so much fun that it should really be hard to top. That said, I have a lot of confidence that the team in Berlin will reach at least that level of greatness with people like Stephan Jaekel, Jannis Leidel and Florian Schlachter and many more behind the wheels and a venue in the heart of the German capital.

According to the talk submission page there will also be enough time for lightning talks and floor for open-space activities. So, even if you don’t manage to get your talk accepted (hint: The deadline is April 15 May 1st, so hurry!!!) you get another chance to present your projects and ideas to the Django community in person.

And if you want to contribute directly to Django-related projects or May 24th to 26th weren’t enough Django for you, Thursday (27th) and Friday (28th) are reserved for sprints. But don’t worry: If you are somehow not in the mood to code, everyone loves people who want to improve the documentation, too :-)

And if you’re still hesitating: Just last night, the organizers announced a price drop after they could acquire some more funding; and there will be T-Shirts, lunch … and again, hopefully a lot of awesome people. So get a ticket, while they are still fresh :D

Update: The deadline for talk submissions has been extended to May 1st.