As long as I have my Radio...

Seems like big changes are going on over at When I read the headline on Mashable I first was pretty scared, since I’m a paying subscriber and thought that would kill all of their streaming … and Spotify is still not available in Austria.

But then I read the quote and the post on’s blog again and noticed the term “on-demand track streaming”. Puhhh, lucky :-) It’s not like this was available to me anyway (remember, I pay for that service). Now I can just hope that they don’t get any funny ideas over there in London and also abandon the rest of their streaming services (like the Radio!!!).

In the meantime, though, I can start feeling less cheated, since people from the US, UK and Germany now no longer get there track-streaming from anymore, either ;-) On the other hand, I’m all for integrating other services like The Hype Machine (which I hadn’t heard of before) since more services simply mean more great new music to me :-)