Javadoc for JavaScript?

For personal but also work-related projects I’m currently looking into different coding styles for JavaScript and especially into how to document the source files. As someone who knows Java I was kind of looking for something similar to javadoc. Wikipedia provides a great overview of documentation tools, alby not a complete one. For instance, I couldn’t find YUI Doc or pdoc in there.

So far I’ve found following tools being mentioned without hatred on the web:

One Java- and JavaScript-based, one Python-based and one Ruby-based and all appear to be mainained. Of these only JSDoc Toolkit seems to be without any framework-bias. I was a bit surprised to see that YUI Doc was written in Python given YUI Compressor being a Java project. Anyway, so far JSDoc Toolkit looks like the solution I will probably look more into thanks to it having no external dependencies except for Java and not being tied to any particular framework, but I’m still kind of missing the one solution.

Something that also all the big libraries use and you therefor easily can use to produce a single large API documentation for a whole project, instead of having to look for documentation in as many places as you have dependencies. I guess, one can dream :-)

Have I missed a project? What are you using?