Operation: Full Circle

How things can change … A couple of years ago - sometime in 2005 I was kind of fed up with the Linux experience and went looking around for alternatives. Windows wasn’t an option and so I took the only route open to someone like me who lives on the command-line: OSX. Five years later I’ve more or less made a full circle: Right now I’m really fed up with everything Apple. Don’t get me wrong: they IMO still build the best laptops out there and so on but I’m right now just blown away by how far Ubuntu and Gnome have progressed in recent years. And for the first time in, well, five years my primary working machine at home is no longer OSX-powered but runs (apart from the usual suspects - Flash and ATI drivers) on pure community power. Right now I even have more operational Linux machines available than OSX-powered design elements :-)

For the better part of this year I’ve also planed to replace my iPhone with a HTC Desire its successor, just waiting for the right moment. So this all probably means, that you, once again, might see some more Linux and Ubuntu focused posts here and far less Apple-fanboy chatter, which I hope I never wrote in the first place :-)