New Year's Resolution 2011

I guess, I should really make one of these otherwise I will have one thing less to feel bad about when 2011 comes to its end. So here we go:

  • This was already inoffically already on my list for last year, but this year I really want to find some time to mess around with Scala and Lift. For some reason both really fascinate me without me actually knowing all that much about Lift. For Scala I can at least say that I’ve read about half a book so far :-P I just need to find myself a little pet project to use both and that I can’t solve easily with Django or Flask.

  • Last year was a bit of a bummer when it came to photography. After leaving Klagenfurt I’ve kind of forgotten how much fun just walking around and taking pictures can be. I really have to find some time and motivation for it again, especially now that I finally have a Sun Sniper Steel.

  • More Python. That’s basically it. Thanks to my job I hardly have any motivation to do lots of server-side coding in my spare time; aside from rewriting my personal blog again and again, of course ;-) This I definitely want to change. There is so much cool new stuff out there every week that I really don’t want to miss.

  • Just for my mother’s sake I will also put “Do some sports” on this list ;-) Perhaps some table tennis would be nice again for some change, or getting a subscription at some Gym.

  • Go to more meetups. Graz isn’t really all that full of usergroups I’m interested in, but perhaps I’ve just missed some :-)

I originally also wanted to add “Donate some money to PDPC” but I just did that a few minutes ago ;-)