DjangoCon Europe 2011: Day 3

So … I’m now aleady at EuroPython 2011 in Florence and still haven’t come around to write my last post about DjangoCon Europe 2011. Since I won’t have the time to write a really detailed one, I’ll just forward you to Reinout’s posts on that day’s sessions.

After the last talk Russel prepared everyone new to the concept of code sprints or how they are done in the Django community for the next to days. That combined with a sponsored beer bar on the top floor of the building made for an awesome conclusion of the conference.

One a personal note: Right after lunch the official photographer hired by the organizers had to leave, so they had no one to take the final group picture. And Remco asked me to do it instead, which was quite an honor and an absolute first-time for me :D With the help of some of the conference crew I was able to pull it off, though, and the result looks really nice in my opinion :D

Sprint location: De Waag right in the heart of Amsterdam

The next two days were filled with sprints in a castle. Sadly, I spent most of the time walking between my desk and the paper towel dispenser since I had caught a cold on wednesday and was out of handkerchiefs ;-) But everyone else seems to have been really productive with tons of bugs being closed, worked on and important design decisions being made. My personal favorite? The death of IE6 when it comes to Django’s admin panel ;-)

Once again, I’d like to congratulate and thank the organizers (and all the sponsors) for an extra-ordinary week. This has been one of the best organized conferences with probably the best venues I’ve attended so far. Heck, even the Wifi was rock-solid!