PSA: End of Life of zerokspot.recipe.git

Just a short notice to everyone who is using my git recipe for buildout, zerokspot.recipe.git: Version 0.6 will be the last feature release and, if nothing really significant come up, the last release of this package in general. The repository on github will stay online for the time being but don’t expect any real work being done on it anymore. If you like what you see there, by all means, fork it :-)

As for the reasons for this: For virtually everything I use a combination of virtualenv, pip and fabric now so I haven’t used buildout for quite some time. Because of that it makes little sense to keep maintaining something I don’t use myself anymore and luckily there are quite a few alternatives out for handling software packages available only via git or other VCSs. There are for instance mr.developer and gp.recipe.pip just to name two of them.

I also want to thank all the contributors this project had over the years. Without you I’d probably have written this post probably a long time ago :-)