Evernote buys Skitch

So, it seems like [Evernote][1] [announced][4] at their [Evernote Trunk][2] conference that they've acquired screenshot-monster-tool [Skitch][3]. And since I've used Skitch for a really long time off and on again and in recent weeks also finally started using Evernote more frequently I have to say that I really like the idea. I usually use Skitch when I have to write some kind of manual or tutorial explaining part of a workflow or software and therefor Skitch's arsenal of annotation tools for screenshots is immensely useful. A combination of this with Evernote's own array of features would be, as indicated on the [Evernote blog][5], awesome.

I’m even considering getting a premium account with Evernote if I keep using it as frequently as during the last weeks. Now I’m just waiting for those new iOS applications mentioned on TUAW. Some WYSIWYG editing on the iPad would be really appreciated.

Exciting times :-)