So, in less than 3 days will shut down. It was a great service and I want to use this opportunity to say thank you to Andrew and Ben for it and all the hard work they put into it.

I think it was December 2010 when I first heard about it through some chatter and later on at in Amsterdam. At first I thought this might be interesting but I wasn’t really into using cloud services for this kind of stuff. But then I got the chance to give it a try through a beta invite and some performance constraints on one of my servers. Since then has been running on it and except for the understandable start-up delay on the free plan it was a blast! Basically, and the workflow when using it set kind of the mark for me on how I want sites to be deployed. It was just so easy :-)

So now that is gone, Heroku and Gordor seem to be these places where probably most folks will move to. Well, that or just hosting sites by themselves again, as I did with again (with some Fabric-scripting to make deployments as painless as on

Bye, You will be missed :-(

(The logo was screenshot’d from the website)