There's a new Django Podcast in town

When “This week in Django” by Eric Florenzano, Brian Rosner and Michael Trier ended I was pretty sad. I really enjoyed my weekly dose of the Django community as audio. But now there is a new podcast about Django called “A Django Podcast” by Greg Aker and Bryan Helmig with one topic a week for not longer than 30 minutes released on Jeff Croft’s podcast network 3rd avenue radio.

Logo screenshot from the podcast’s website.

While I personally really liked the format of “This week in Django” where posts from the community feed et al were discussed and what happened in the last week in the community got summarized, I also quite enjoy this tight focus of the new show. And big thanks for keeping the podcast short. There are only very few podcasts out there (ok, one: The Giant Bombcast) that stay on my playlist with showtimes longer than an hour, and 30 minutes is a perfect sweet-spot for me :-)

The only thing I’m not really a fan of so far is the number of channels it is in. While stereo might seem like an obvious choice for a podcast with two speakers, I personally find it quite distracting from the actual content. I also tend to listen to podcasts in situations where I can only have one earplug in, so there goes the other opinion ;-) Please offer a mono-version :-)