Berlin and back

I just returned from a little trip to Berlin where I attended this year’s member meetup of the Deutscher Django Verein e.V. which has been combined with a little sprint for Django 1.6. The trip itself was great even though at least I didn’t get all that much work done for Django except for one pull-request that will probably take ages to get into core simply because it requires quite a bit of reviewing.

The organization was quite different from my last sprint in Utrecht which basically meant that we went out for lunch every day:

Big thanks to Moccu Gmbh for having us :-)

I once again stayed at the newly renamed ibis budget near Alexanderplatz which is more and more becoming my go-to hotel when visiting the German capital and if they manage to keep the WiFi going (and free) - unlike the first night when I actually would have need it quite badly for work-related stuff - I will keep recommending it :-)

… something that is getting harder and harder when it comes to Austrian Airlines :-/ I had booked my return-flight for Sunday 19:45 with boarding at 19:15. Well, the flight got delayed for 2 hours (the flight from Berlin to Vienna takes 1 hour) and neither the airline nor the ground crew thought it was important to keep us informed … like actually telling us that the flight had been delayed. We only knew that something was wrong from not being able to board anything.

When I finally arrived in Vienna at close to midnight, my connection flight to Graz had naturally already been gone for more than an hour and so I was offered a couple of choices (all naturally paid by the airline):

  1. take a taxi
  2. take a train Monday at noon and stay overnight in a hotel in the city
  3. take the “next plane” Monday at 17:00 and stay overnight in a hotel in the city

Since I had taken Monday off to recharge my batteries I opted for (1) not knowing how bad the weather had become. Big props to the driver who brought another gentleman and me safely back to Graz all on a snow-covered highway.

If only Air Berlin had offered the <300 EUR ticket a week earlier :-(