Nexus 5

Last week Google finally announced to the Nexus 4: The Nexus 5. Despite the rather uninventive name I ordered it on the spot. My good old Galaxy Nexus has suffered quite heavily under the last couple of updates and getting a new phone every 2 year is absolutely fine in my book.

The Nexus 5 unboxed

If you’re also interested in this phone, you’ve probably at least skimmed through some of the other reviews out there already, so you already know that it is somehow related to LG’s G2 but features a slightly downgraded camera and a different outside (more angular, less round). It has a good feel to it, something I never really get from all these metal/glass phones. They are just to slippery for me.

The battery isn’t the best out there, either, providing enough power for at least a day but not all that much more. That said, it is enough for me as long as I don’t have to recharge it during a day.

This is also fine considering the gorgeous screen it has to keep supply with energy. What could use some more power, though, is the single speaker. Compared to the Galaxy Nexus this is a little weaker. Most people probably won’t care all that much, but in recent weeks my phone’s speaker has become my primary way of listening to podcasts at home. I’m not completely sure if this is even hardware related since androidcentral has an article where the author discovered that this might be an issue with what player software you use. *fingers crossed*.

At least this would also explain why not even through headphones the podcasts get any loader. Although a more reasonable explanation would probably be that I simply couldn’t increase the volume due to the volume warning sitting behind the lock screen ;-)

All in all, the Nexus 5 is a really nice phone and you can’t do anything wrong with it for that price, especially if you’re looking for an unlocked and contractless one. Sure, the camera could be better as could the battery, but that’s basically everything negative I can say about it after a week.

Update: It seems like I missed the hidden volume-limit warning that sits behind the lock screen. After getting past that the volume on the headphones is absolutely fine.