The Doctor Who Experience

While in Cardiff for the DjangoWeekend about a month ago I also visited the BBC’s Doctor Who Experience, an exhibition/show all about the longest-running SciFi show and its spin-offs. When I first read about it a couple of years ago I kind of thought it would be something like Disney Land’s Discovery Land. When I actually got there, it kind of put the entry price into perspective, though ;-)

For 13 GBP you get access to a really nice exhibition of various custumes, requisites and sonic screw-drivers going all the way back to the very first season from 1963. There are also a couple of TARDIS control panels and a documentation of how the Cybermen evolved over the years. Really nice! You also get a glimpse at some of the old production notes and paintings.

History of the Cybermen

The second part of the ticket is the “Experience” itself, which is kind of like a 20-minutes journey through some nice sets and some interactive elements where you help the Doctor against Darleks and other known enemies in a rather bare-bone plotline. While quite fancy it was definitely more targeted at children and younger teens.

Don’t get me wrong, though: Altogether, it was well worth the visit and the 13 GBP esp. in combination with a walk along the beautiful Cardiff Bay. Personally, I had hoped the “Experience” to be longer and a bit more mature (like the TV show), though.

Oh, and don’t forget to grab some cups and shirts on the way out through the gift show! They also have tons of DVDs with the classic episodes.