JSConf Budapest 2015

Back in January on my hunt for conferences I’ve never been to I stumbled upon JSConf Budapest. I had never been to the Hungarian capital before so it immediately went on my list of events I wanted to go to. I told Christoph about it and we started planning our trip to the event that took place last week.

If I would have to describe that trip in just one word, “perfect” would probably be it. I enjoyed every single talk, which is great for a single-track conference. Picking favorites out of these is hard but these would be mine (in no particular order):

Julian Cheal danced with the drones!

The venue was the Uránia Filmszínház, an old cinema from the end of the 19th century in the heart of the city with lots of gold and red carpets. What set it apart from other theaters I’ve been to for conferences is that everything was sized just perfectly for ~300 attendees (legroom!!!). The catering definitely deserves a special mention, too: There was breakfast (a real one) and lunch on both days and dinner at the first, and everything was just phenomenal with tons of tasty local dishes! Again no fruits and flaky WiFi on the first day but that’s what you get at every conference nowadays 😉

There were also two evening events with enough space to meet new people have interesting conversions. In general the whole event was organized in a way that made networking really easy 😀

To summarize: JSConf Budapest was an amazing event at an awesome venue and I can’t wait to be back in Budapest next year!

P.S.: You can find more posts about this trip on my travelogue with hopefully more to come in the next couple of days.

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