Craft Beer Festival 2015 in Graz

I just found out that there is going to be a craft beer festival this November in Graz! According to the event’s Facebook page it’s going to take place between November 13 and 15 in the Stadthalle Graz. So far I couldn’t find any further information (like admissions fee, exhibitors etc.) not even on the venue’s website, but I really hope that Brauwerk will be there πŸ˜‰

Over the last couple of months - and after tasting some of what Canada and Illinois has to offer - I’ve been trying to find Austrian craft beer whenever I go to a restaurant. Luckily there is quite a lot to discover, as it turns out! The aforementioned Brauwerk is a brand I came across only last week at my favorite Irish Pub in Graz and offers for example an extremely tasty IPA. Closer to home, Gratzer has an amazing permium lager. But these were all I could try so far, but that’s the point of such a festival for me: discover even better beer! And I can’t wait!