Hunting for the Highscore in Swarm again!

Finally! The big geo-location game is back! A couple of years ago, when Foursquare was still the simple check-in app, the highscore list between friends was one of the highlights of any conference trip for me. It ended up being a race of who sees the most of each host city!

With the split into Foursquare and Swarm that got lost. Stickers were nice and good but Swarm was far from being as enjoyable as the hunt for a highscore between friends. Now public mayorships and an improved version of the highscore-game are back in Swarm and I can’t wait for the next conference trip to happen 😀

As with everything in Swarm mayorship and highscores are presented much more color- and playful now than they ever were in the old Foursquare app. It’s a game and it deserves to be portrayed as such 😉 For instance, you now collect coins instead of points which makes it kind of feel like a Mario game.

Alongside the feature announcement on the company’s blog J. Crowley also wrote a lengthy blog post about how they got there again.