ExitTheRoom in Graz

Last Thursday we had our annual team event (Thanks Netconomy 😊) and for this year we wanted to play a room-escape game. Right now there are two of these in Graz and we went for ExitTheRoom as it was easier too reach and thanks to its location offered some nice dining options to spent the rest of the evening at.

The venue is quite well hidden at Hilgergasse 1 and there is only a small door bell indicating that there might be a room-escape game hidden in that building’s basement. Right now they offer 3 different rooms each at a different difficulty level:

  • Prison
  • Bomb
  • and Madness

As we were 9 people we split up with 4 taking the Madness room while 5 of us went into the prison for a daring break-out. I won’t spoil the puzzles here but let me just say that they were nicely prepared. As far as I can tell all where completely mechanical so there was no situation where the moderator had to wait for you doing something and then flip a switch for you to progress. Progressing it totally up to you. You get a walkie-talkie and 5 free questions, but that’s it.

The atmosphere in the room I was in was great, too. Sure, there are some logic errors due to the constraints of what you can place inside the available space and some of the equipment you wouldn’t expect anywhere even close to a prison cell but nothing that distracts you from the quest of solving the puzzles. It’s definitely fun over authenticity but that’s totally fine! There was also very little text involved in the puzzles so knowing German was not a requirement here.

It was simply a great hour there and I’ll probably try to team up with some folks to also give the other rooms a try πŸ˜ƒ