Sphinx 1.4 is out

Somehow I totally missed this one! Sphinx 1.4.0 was released right before I left for DjangoCon Europe on March 28 while 1.4.1 was pushed out the door just yesterday.

Looking through the release notes there are tons of changes and new feature but I haven’t yet seen anything that would prevent me from upgrading or even make the process harder than a change in the requirements.txt πŸ’–

The only thing that I will probably forget the first couple of times is that sphinx_rtd_theme is now an optional dependency and that I therefore have to install it manually … everywhere πŸ˜‰

On other fronts, I like the move away from the strftime-style of declaring date formats towards things like the Locale Date Markup Language. I’m using Sphinx mostly outside of the classic Python context and operating with more general formats makes explaining usually much easier. So far I didn’t have to mess with date formats here, though πŸ˜‰

With #1970 the basic theme also received keyboard shortcuts for jumping from one topic to the next (and vice versa). I’m really tempted to port this feature to the sphinx_rtd_theme as this is what I’m using everywhere. The code looks to be highly portable πŸ’– But that’s not even necessary! The change was made to the doctools.js template directly so it should be available to most templates already. Just add this to your conf.py:

html_theme_options = {
    'navigation_with_keys': True

(or change your html_theme_options accordingly) and you will be able to jump to the previous/next page with the left/right arrow key.