Announcing: Meet the Meetups 2016

Last summer, Netconomy organised a BBQ afternoon called “Meet The Meetups” in order to bring many of the local technical meetups in Graz together to exchange ideas and get to know each other. Having members of GrazJS, PyGRAZ, GoGraz, the Java User Group Graz, the Scrum User Group Graz, and many others in one place made for some awesome discussions and so we wanted to repeat this event.

Due to some internal reorganisation our plans for this year were delayed but on Sept 30 there will once again be a “Meet-The-Meetups” at the Netconomy offices in Hilmgasse 4, 8010 Graz 😊

Unlike last year, there will also be OpenSpace rounds taking place either on the terrace or (if the weather ends up not being all that great) in some of our meeting-rooms. For more details, please go to where you can also learn how to sign-up!

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