Error notifications for systemd timers

Cronjobs are great; them failing not so much. But thanks to the MAILTO setting it’s relatively easy to get notified if they don’t complete successfully. I recently moved quite a few jobs over to systemd timers simply because systemctl list-timers is just too convenient not to use πŸ˜‰

The downside? No MAILTO. Luckily, I stumbled upon this post by Lars OllΓ©n where he mentions the OnFailure unit-setting:

#>> /etc/systemd/system/sometimer.service

# ...


This setting accepts the name of another unit that should be started with “%n” being replaced with the name of the unit that failed. As you can guess from the snippet above, I actually don’t want to have email notifications but something that posts into our team-chat if a timer fails.

The status-slack unit is pretty straight forward. It is mostly just a OneShot service that executes a shell script:

#>> /etc/systemd/system/status-slack@.service

Description=Reports timer error to Slack

ExecStart=/usr/local/bin/systemd-slack %i

The script that is called here gathers status information using systemctl status and forwards it to a little tool that forwards stdin to a Slack channel (available on Github):

#>> /usr/local/bin/systemd-slack

source /etc/default/slacksink
MESSAGE="$UNIT failed on $HOST"
systemctl status --full "$UNIT" | /usr/local/bin/slacksink \
--channel="#team-channel" --message="$MESSAGE" --attachment \

That’s it 😊

Obviously, Slack is only one example here but it’s IMHO a nice use of the OnFailure handler. According to the docs you can even list multiple services here. Infinite fun with failing services πŸ˜‰