Meet The Meetups 2016: Thank you all!

So, last Friday we once again had a Meet The Meetups event on the terrace at Netconomy. Luckily, the weather was great so we could do everything we wanted there instead having to split up into various meeting rooms 😊

Great weather allowed for the whole event to take place outside!

A big THANK YOU to everyone from all these wonderful meetup-groups who came! Functional Programming Graz, Game Development Graz, GoGraz, GrazJS, Java User Group Graz, PyGraz, STG, Scrum User Group Graz, UX Graz (hope I didn’t forget anyone): it was awesome talking to all of you! I was so busy that I couldn’t even take more than that single picture you see above πŸ˜‰

Also, huge thanks to Gasthaus Gangl for the, once again, excellent catering, and my co-organizers and Netconomy for sponsoring the event!