Another year, another FOSDEM πŸ˜‰ It simply never gets boring to take a plane in early February (or sometimes also in late January) to Brussels and enjoy the madness of more than 600 talks with more than 8000 attendees! Just like last year, I expected really nasty weather in the Belgium capital … but, lo and behold, at least Friday was full of sunshine, Saturday wasn’t that bad either, and only on Sunday we had the usual rain. Not that it made the queues in front of the foodtrucks any shorter, though πŸ™„

Finally some decent weather while I'm in Brussels!

Anyway, this year I mostly attended lightning talks with a quick trip to the Go devroom on Sunday. So many projects to give a try! From pretty Easy privacy, to passbolt, to go-git, gobot, and go-bpf. So little time… I also attended a couple of talks in the Mozilla devroom but, sadly, completely missed the “Legal and Policy Issues” track this time around 😞 Next year I will definitely try to get in there again!

Rain, foodtrucks, great talks, tons of people! That's FOSDEM 😊

I cannot thank the organizers and helpers enough for making this weekend such a great event! This time I even managed to find a small corner where I could simply sit alone and think. Luckily, the campus offers enough such niches, but this time I even found one in a heated hallway πŸ˜‰ And now that they even have Flora Power Mate, only the simple unbelievable number of people there or sickness could keep me away next year πŸ˜‰

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