PyGRAZ has two new organizers

Back in 2010 when we started PyGRAZ, all we wanted was to create a simple place for people interested in Python to get together and have a chat every once in a while. Now, seven years later, PyGRAZ has moved from hosting not only simply discussion rounds in a restaurant or beergarden to also offering talks, dojos, and lightning talks every now and then with usually an attendance in the double-digits!

Sadly, over the last years, my interest in the language itself has waned and so, at the end of last year, I’ve decided to finally step aside as the main organizer for the local Python usergroup. Luckily, Dorian and Thomas volunteered to replace me and have already organised this month’s event! A big THANK YOU to the two of you and all the best! (And if I can help somehow, I won’t be far away 😉)

This doesn’t mean that I will leave PyGRAZ altogether, but that will most likely try to be more active in other communities from now on; especially Go and JavaScript. But more on that perhaps another time 😊