Hello, Instagram!

It is funny, when someone reminds you about Instagram and you notice that you already have an account there from 2011 :D

So, a couple of weeks ago I re-activated that account but it only started to receive the action it deserves during my trip to Portland. 80+ posts in two weeks sounds about right πŸ˜‚ The reasons why it stuck with me are probably a really stupid one: it is simply positive and fun! Let’s be honest: When it comes to photo sharing, Instagram is rather limited. You cannot zoom in, you can only barely use it inside a normal browser, the commenting system is bare-bone… But: For some reason the combination of filters and the way you discover content got me hooked.

For some reason it also kind of feels like Flickr back when it was first launched. There was so much positive energy in the air, that you simply could not not like it. Instagram feels the same to me right now. Whenever I post a new image, I do so with a smile.

Besides the main app (for iOS and Android) there also exist a handful of additional applications that integrate with the main one. These make recording time-lapse videos and combining multiple images into one a pure joy.

So much so, that I didn’t even miss my Nex6 during most of the Portland-trip (it had probably not survived the flight over and doesn’t boot anymore). Heck, I might even go with an iPhone plus in the next release-cycle. While the iPhone 6s already has a great camera, I’m now finally interested in taking pictures with it again and am once again living in my environment instead of just passing through it! Don’t expect too much quality here, though. I will mostly focus on things I simply notice in my environment 😊