The Last Machine in the Solar System

While working my way through my podcast backlog I stumbled upon an episode of The Sword & Laser with an interview of Matthew Isaac Sobin. In this he talked about his newly published book The Last Machine in the Solar System, a tale told by the android Jonathan about his life in the solar system, his discoveries and the end of the inner system due to the sun becoming a red giant and then a white dwarf.

It’s only 60 pages long, but I really enjoyed the book. You get to know Jonathan and his creator Nikolai on a very personal level. On a couple of pages there are also illustrations of the android’s journey by Jack Katz. Jonathan’s narration partially feels like an essay you’d have had to write at school, something that made me like the android even more! You learn some of the wonders of the solar system through a first-person and to some degree even child-like account, which feels really special 😊

If you have a couple of hours at your disposal and like SciFi then you might want to give it a try! Right now it’s only $3.99 on