Docker Stack clashing with Docker-compose

A couple of days ago I was trying to set up a new project using Docker Stack in order to document a migration path from docker-compose. Sadly, right when I wanted to start my services I noticed that Swarm couldn’t keep a single replica running. All I got was following error message:

starting container failed: User specified IP address is supported only when connecting

I tried pretty much everything short of re-installing Docker for Mac until I stumbled upon this bug report. Here someone had the problem that there was a service instance left running from a previous docker-compose execution. As I had previously launched docker-compose with the same project that sounded like a possible cause for my issue.

In my situation, though, it wasn’t a running container as I had stopped everything before. What was left from the previous setup was just one part: the network that docker-compose had automatically generated. Turns out, docker-compose and docker stack are using the same network name which caused the error. A simple…

$ docker-compose down

… resolved the issue for me and my services were finally starting up using docker stack deploy 😃