My yearly dose of Paris

Last weekend it was once again that time of the year when I hop onto a plane in Graz and end up in Montmartre in Paris for dotGo. This time around, I took some extra time off to explore the city and do some shopping with my girlfriend and reacquaint myself with French cuisine at one of my favourite restaurants: Le petit canard, only about 15 min away from our Hotel near Gare Saint Lazard.

Duck steak at Le petit canard

dotGo itself is getting better and better with every year. I still absolutely love the session length (with 18 min per talk) and French food for lunch and during the breaks is something really hard to ignore… That being said, this time I opted for a quite delicious little Chinese restaurant just two blocks away.

Writing about food again, am I not?! Well, back to the conference and the talks in particular. I learnt so much and quite a bit of that I might be able to apply pretty much right away during my day-to-day work. Perhaps the most practical talk for me was by Mat Ryer about testing, closely followed by John Cinnamond’s talk about error handling. Combined with a little variation of Java’s builder pattern the latter already helped me just yesterday with keeping my err-branches to a minimum and the code readable. Sadly, I once again missed part of Brian Ketelsen’s talk but, as with his talk at GolangUK, I’m going to watch it once the organisers have uploaded the recording!

This time I also managed to get one of the seats in the second floor which had enough legroom even for someone of my height 😍

As this was my 5th dot conference I even got a custom hoodie alongside my beautiful conference T-shirt, tons of stickers, and the blue gopher I managed to order just in time for the conference 😁 Now I have two of them!

View from the Arc de Triomphe

The event ended with a downer, though: Looks like there won’t be a dotGo 2018 but instead one in early 2019. As the first half of every year is normally already filled with tons of other events I’m not sure that I will be able to return to Paris for the next dotGo. That being said, I’m quite sure that this won’t have been my last trip to Paris for a Go event πŸ˜‰ dotGo is just that good! Big thanks to everyone who made it possible!

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