BeatsX review

Last summer the earphones I was using back then when taking a walk or riding the tram to work died again and I finally gave in to getting one of these fancy bluetooth earphones. By that time Ulrich already had his EarPods and all the good things he told me about them convinced me that I should get something comparable but with ear-pieces better fitting into my ears.

BeatsX has tiny magnets in each bud, preventing them to fly around whenever you are not listing to them.

After quite a bit of consideration I chose BeatsX. They were also discounted on Amazon at that time and so, just a couple of days later and right before going on a small weekend trip to Vienna, I had my new travel-companions.

Well, they arrived ready-to-use except for the ear-wing for the left ear being mounted on the right earphone and vice versa. It took me some effort getting both off but half an hour later every earphone had the correct attachment, just in time to get to the bus.

As expected, the sound has quite a lot of bass compared to my Bose earphones but other than that I’m extremely happy with my purchase, even half a year in. Same goes for the production quality as they are still working. The battery life also positively surprises me. I usually can get around 8 hours out of them and charging the BeatsX is so fast (to get at least a couple of hours) that I can easily get through a trip with a simple power bank charging them while I do something else for a couple of minutes.

Apple’s W1 chip also pretty much does what its advertising promised: Pairing is more comfortable than with other bluetooth devices. Perhaps the only downside I can come up with here is that the BeatsX don’t have all those fancy features that come with Apple’s EarPods like tap inputs on each ear. I can definitely live with that given that I get earphones that actually fit my ears 😊

Right before Christmas Beats by Dre also seems to have lowered the price on these earphones again (now around EUR 100) so even if they die on me right now, I wouldn’t think long before buying them again! Simply a good purchase all around 😁