Eventful Vienna Trip

Last Friday and Saturday I’ve been away on a little trip to Vienna in order to visit the PyDays 2018 and the Linuxwochen Wien 2018. Due to suboptimal time management I didn’t see many talks but the few I managed to attend I enjoyed quite a lot! The combo-event (PyDays is actually co-located with the Linuxwochen) was once again hosted at FH Technikum Wien, in the North-East of the city, which offers tons of free space during the weekend for talks and workshops. Spread over 5 rooms and 4 floors there were around 120 talks and workshops in total with the PyDays making up a big chunk.

Attendee-wise I’m starting to think that PyDays has evolved to the leading event here. They even managed to get some international speakers like Ana Balica but also some well-known locals like Armin Ronacher and Florian Apolloner. I’m really looking forward to watching some of the talks that I missed once they become available via YouTube et al.

On Saturday afternoon I also managed to visit the Maker Faire Vienna… ok, I just made it to the food trucks, but those were great 😁 A late lunch there and a quick visit to the Green World Tour Vienna right next to the Maker Faire concluded my trip to Vienna. We went straight to the main station and hopped on the next available train back to Graz.

Before I forget, this was also the first time I stayed at the Motel One right next to the main station. If you’re planning to stay in Vienna for a couple of days and travel via train, this is really a great option. It has 17 floors so there is a good chance you will have a great view over the city!