Craft Conf 2018

In April a couple of friends and I once again met up in Budapest for one of my personal highlights of every conference season: Craft Conf. I already wrote about the fabulous venue last year, so I will just focus on the organisation and the talks.

The beautiful venue

But first: the apartment. We once again booked via Airbnb and got a gorgeous multi-tenant apartment only about 15 minutes (on foot) away from the Keleti train station, half way to Nyugati train station. The only thing that didn’t work was the light on the toilet, but that’s precisely why I bought an LC90 by Anker right before the trip πŸ˜‚ We got IIRC six bedrooms with most of them having their own shower and toilet. Just perfect!

OK, back to the conference and the talks:


This time around the talks felt a little less technical compared to last year. Most speakers focused mostly on architectural topics on the technical, organisational, or social levels. Quite a few companies have now gained experience with using so-called “cloud native” technologies and are ready to share what influence those had on how they operate.

Alongside that I kind of expected there to be quite a few sessions about the GDPR. In the end, though, that topic was nearly completely absent with only a handful of talks being security related.

So without further ado, these were the talks I attended:

All talks were well-scheduled and this time around there was no situation where headphones had to be handed out because sound from one stage was leaking onto another. In general, the organisation, despite being nearly perfect last year, got even better. The lunch queues were better distributed, there were more dinner options, and we had multiple registration points on the first day. Perhaps the only aspect that was not was good as last year was the transit to and from the event.

Taxi apps in a post-Uber world

Sadly, getting to the event and back home turned out to be a bit more complicated this year. There was no free train in the morning again and in the evening everything was handled through either taxis or trains that seemed to leave just a bit too early. Because of that, I decided to give Taxify a try. I had seen their logo on some of the cars driving by the train station, looked them up, and thought it was worth a shot πŸ˜‰

Luckily, it worked as well as I had hoped with good updates about a driver’s progress to the pick-up location and acceptable prices. If they don’t turn into another Uber I might use them again the next time I’m in Budapest.

That’s it

After three years in a row at Craft I cannot really write more. Yes, I will definitely be back. Yes, it is so worth it!

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