No worker satisfying: resource type

Today, while trying to restructure one of our primary pipelines in Concourse, I ran into a weird issue with a new resource I was working on:

no workers satisfying: resource type 'snapshot'

available workers: 
  - platform 'linux'
  - platform 'linux'

“snapshot” was the name of the resource I was working on. That error was confusing mostly because of its reference to the two workers labelled as platform 'linux'. At first I thought I had mistaken put/get operations on a resource with defining a task.

That led to nothing but while looking through the complete pipeline definition again I noticed that I had forgotten to also define the resource_type for snapshot. So, all I had there was a resource but no resource-type for it. Once I added that, the error disappeared. In case you get the same error: Check your resource-types πŸ˜…