Goals for 2019

I somehow completely forgot to come up with some goals for 2018 last year, but not so this time 🙂 To be fair, I probably wouldn’t have had all that much time for anything anyway thanks to moving into a new apartment and all the preparation and post-move action. In 2019 I want to do better again:

  • For the last 15 years my Dad used a software called “Brothers Keeper” to track our family’s history. Sadly, Brothers Keeper is only available for Windows and so my father uses VMWare to access the data stored in there. Last year I stumbled over DGraph and thought it might be a nice side-project to at least partially implement a genealogical software based on it and web-technologies. By the next Congress I now want to have a working MVP (minimal viable product) that my family can use.
  • A couple of months ago I started to be a bit more conscious about what I eat. I also discovered more and more delicious vegetarian meals for myself. I now want to continue on that path and eat less meat (esp. pork), something that has already had some positive effects on my digestive system.
  • Somehow related to that I want to lose weight again and have only 85kg by 1 July anymore.
  • In order to get there, I want to be at the gym at least once a week, if possible more often. As much as I enjoy the CleverFit studio in my apartment complex, that shouldn’t be all that hard 😁

These should do 😉