Emacs: Back and Forth

Nearly exactly 4 years ago I wrote a little post about why I wanted to learn Emacs again. Late last year I then moved back to VIM using Neovim simply because I was working more often than not on remote servers and therefore wanted to reuse the same VIM-configuration no matter where I was opening files on.

Emacs with Magit

Emacs with Magit

While I was using evil-mode for my Emacs setup, it simply wasn’t the same. There were also some situations inside Emacs where working with evil-mode kind of broke apart, which further motivated me to give a pure VIM setup a try again. For some reason, though, (or I was simply missing magit) I couldn’t really let go and now, after just a couple of months, started working on a complete fresh start with Emacs using a plain configuration file without (or at least disable by default) evil-mode.

So far, I’ve only enabled a handful of packages:

Since I’m still working quite a lot on remote servers, I will also try to get to know Emacs’ tramp better. Last time around I mostly forgot about it. But first I have to get to grips with not falling back to my VIM muscle-memory πŸ€ͺ So far, I’m still struggling a bit with using bindings like “C-n” and “C-p” to move from line to line and not typing “v” every time I want to select anything.

No matter what my future setup will be like, I also want to add it again to my dotfiles repository which I’ve neglected for far too long.

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