Another February, another trip to Brussels for FOSDEM is behind me and for the first time I actually caught a real and quite severe cold there… Despite that not-so-happy end I once again enjoyed my time in Brussels! I also wanted to change my talk schedule a bit and decided not even to try getting into the Go room. Instead, I spent a surprising amount of time at the security and Mozilla devrooms thanks to talks by Daniel Stenberg (about HTTP/3) and Hans de Raad (about the EU Cybersecurity Act).

Walls are bad, this gentleman seems to agree.

Walls are bad, this gentleman seems to agree.

Probably my personal highlights, though, happened to be the keynotes inside Janson:

On the tram to the conference each morning or at latest during the first talks I tried to come up with a list of sessions I wanted to attend that day. For the first time, I actually managed to see at least about half of them and (again a first) after returning to Graz on Monday even saw some of those that I missed at home.

Some of the talks were so motivating that I’m currently considering or in the process of installing my own Nextcloud and Matrix servers. Worst case: I waste a couple of Euros and dump both of them over the next months. I think I can live with that. Perhaps the only topic that I missed this time: There was only a single talk about Emacs. That and the FSFE booth didn’t seem to have any Emacs stickers! Well, all the more reason to come back again next year!