35C3: A quick retrospective

After skipping 2017 due to some travel difficulties my gf and I again managed to attend last year’s Congress in Leipzig. We were both a bit sceptical how the event would turn out as both of us had enjoyed the last two events in Hamburg despite the location being filled probably beyond capacity.

It turned out that our worries were unfounded: The congress center in Leipzig was the perfect place for the 35C3! Broad walkways, huge, open areas for the assemblies, and even community-organized sub-conferences like the ChaosWest stage.

There was (as expected) so much to see, that I only managed to attend a handful of sessions:

Weirdly enough, I saw more talks after returning home…

My personal highlight, though, was a short introduction by Eva Fitzelová and Johannes Mueller of the Esperanto language. Before going there I had known virtually nothing about the language except that it was an artificial one. I left with a lot of appreciation for the language and a wish learn more as soon as time permits.

Most my time was spent around the assemblies, though. There, we attended a soldering workshop, had awesome crepes, bauzi, and lots of Flora Power!

Unlike my two previous Congresses I also managed to angel a bit, first as trash-angel and then also as bottle-angel. Sadly, I didn’t do many hours but it was a start and I will do more next time! And there definitely will be a next time … hopefully in less than 10 months!