What were you doing during IbizaGate?

The last weekend was weird. And I don’t mean that in any particularly positive or negative way, though. It all started on Friday evening when the German Süddeutsche Zeitung and the German Spiegel released an article including a video showing Heinz-Christian Strache (at that point FPÖ) and Johann Gudenus (at that point FPÖ) talking to alleged daughter of a Latvian oligarch about what they could offer in return for some investments.

I cannot talk about the legal implications here but politically this video this video showed to politicians at their worst. It probably also had the effect desired by its creators: Heinz-Chrisian Strache and Johann Gudenus resigned on Saturday and the government in Austria is more or less collapsing. There are most likely going to be elections this fall or even earlier. This video opened basically a bottom-less can of worms and we might end with a completely defunct government by the end of this very day.

So what was I doing I Saturday while all hell broke loose? I celebrated the championship of FC Bayern München while waiting for the Chancellor to give his first speech about IbizaGate. And later, I watched a far less weird than anticipated Eurovision Song Contest with the appropriate amount of drinks and desserts. And while doing all these important things and despite all that chaos unfolding in Austria, a bit of hope returned that bad things might not be able to be hidden under the rugs forever.