Preparations for GoGraz in September

We are about to change a few things regarding the local Go meetup in Graz this months. First of all: A new time. While we previously had the meetup at the 3rd Tuesday every month, we’ve moved to the 2nd Monday in order to avoid collisions with other groups (and the Infracoders in particular). You can find the details in the notes for our June meetup.

We will also try to have a presentation every month now followed by optional lightning talks. We, most likely, won’t do recordings in the near future but we will ask potential speakers that they send us their slides so that we can build up a usable archive of talks on in a similar way to what has. This will also make it easier to promote the meetup. Historically, publishing only to Twitter wasn’t enough, so we will also try to push event updates through other channels like University mailinglists, internal company channels etc. If you know of any platforms (except for Facebook please) that might make sense here, please let me know!

As for the talks, this time, I will give a short introduction into Dgraph, a graph database written in Go. I’ve been playing around with Dgraph in the context of a personal project of mine and thought it might be fun to show you what you can do with a datastore that operates on graphs instead of columns or key-value pairs!

The talk will most likely not include as much Go code as I’d like (simply because I’m lazy and am just using a Jupyter Notebook as presentation platform), but I will at least should how to get started, add some data to the database and query it. I’m only about half way through the slides so far, but I still have 8 more days to go πŸ™‚