Archiving celery-prometheus-exporter

When I started the celery-prometheus-exporter project back in May 2016 I needed a way to monitoring the worker queue in an internal project at work. Over the year’s, though, that project and therefore the exporter has faded into the background so I lacked time to keep it properly maintained.

celery-prometheus-exporter is in read-only mode

celery-prometheus-exporter is in read-only mode

The next iteration of the project I was using CPE for might not even have Celery or Django in it anymore so I decided to archive the exporter. I want to take this opportunity to thank those who contributed over the years:

If the project has been useful to you, please fork and improve it 🙂 There are still tons of things that could be worked on but I simply lack the time to even coordinate the work there. Hence I see archiving this repository as the only responsible way. I will keep this repository online as long as possible! Sorry for any inconvenience this action causes and thanks for your understanding!

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