XOXO Festival?

Thanks to a tweet by Eric Holscher I stumbled upon the XOXO Festival which is currently taking place in Portland, OR. I’m currently looking for an excuse to finally get back to the city next year and I hadn’t heard of XOXO before so I set out to dig a little deeper:

XOXO is an experimental festival celebrating independent artists and creators working on the internet. Each year, XOXO brings together writers, designers, filmmakers, musicians, game developers, coders, cartoonists, and more to share their stories and struggles of living and working online.


I’m usually not all that interested in the indie-scene but with the revival of decentralized technologies and mindsets with tools like ActivityPub, IPFS, and Scuttlebutt there might also be some interesting content for people like me πŸ™‚ Two out of four days also have a conference-segment with talks by authors, musicials, YouTubers, and podcasters. Sadly, I couldn’t find any gamedev or coder-talks on the schedule.

That being said, there are tons of side-events outside of that conference track like a whole day full of Slack meetups in various places all over Portland including an event about the indieweb and a bookclub meetup at one of my favorite places: Base Camp Brewing.

So while this alone might not be enough to justify getting a plane-ticket and flying there for two weeks, perhaps I can find another event in the same time-window next year. I just wish it were closer to WriteTheDocs 😒