Dgraph presentation at GoGraz

Yesterday evening I gave a quick presentation at our local Go usergroup in Graz about the graph database Dgraph. In the previous months I’ve played a little bit around with this system in the context of a genealogical software I’m working on right now and now that I got familiar enough with it I thought it might be time to share what I’ve learnt. Sadly, I couldn’t really get into some of the details on how to work with Dgraph from the point of view of a Go application or it’s features as a distributed service but I hope the presentation was still a good appetizer and enough to get new folks (1) interested in graph databases in general and (2) them started πŸ™‚

If that might like something for you, then you can find the complete material as Jupyter Notebook on Github. I tried to keep the Python in that notebook as hidden as possible in order to demonstrate things like querying and mutating using Dgraph’s HTTP API. Sadly, I couldn’t get a Go kernel for Jupyter to work reliably in the availble time so I just fell back to old habits πŸ˜‰

I hope you can still enjoy what is there!