This weekend's learnings: Basic Rust and automating OmniFocus

Being slightly sick can also have its advantages. For instance, this weekend I had a bit of time to listen to some podcasts and learn some new stuff!

First, I ported some code I had previously written to manage my personal knowledge base from Go to Rust in order to get a feel for the language. I’ve wanted to write something in Rust for quite some time but eventually opted to just take a project I had barely started and port it over.

The code that I have right now is rough, bad, and probably as far away from idiomatic as possible, but I want to improve upon it in the future with things like logging and proper error handling. The project itself is small enough that iterating ideas and concepts here should be easily doable.

On Saturday, I also listened to episode 5 of the NestedFolders podcast in which the hosts discuss how they are doing GTD reviews. Scotty Jackson, for instance, does the review always in two phases on Friday and then on Monday. I totally forgot that one can use AppleScript to manipulate items in OmniFocus en-masse. The hosts mentioned various applications of that in order to set review-dates and so I looked a bit around finding this script by Joe Buhling.

Taking some inspiration from that I created custom version of it, more tailored to my project structure. If that and the weekly review (Sunday for personal stuff, Monday for work projects) works out, I will probably write a follow-up in the near future πŸ™‚