Cadus: NGO meets Maker community

In a recent episode of “Logbuch Netzpolitik” Linus Neumann and Tim Pritlove interviewed Sebastian Jรผnemann, founder of the humanitarian NGO Cadus. During this interview he explains how they provide strategic and technical solutions to local partners in crisis areas like Rojava (Northern Syria) and Iraq.

Given their limited financial resources they try to implement technical projects themselves, where off-the-shelf solutions would be far too expensive. They do so using their own Makerspace in which they’ve, for instance, built mobile hospitals and are trying to improve their airdrop system in cooperation with the Humanitarian Pilot Initiative. Cadus also has people on site in Syria (and Iraq) where they are working on a field hospital in the al-Hawl refugee camp.

This sounds amazing and their donation form is extremely userfriendly ๐Ÿ˜‰

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