Weekly reviews

After listening to a recent episode of the Nested Folders podcast I started changing the reviewing process in my GTD setup. Previously, I looked at the review-tab basically whenever I had the time and noticed that there were projects to be reviewed. I thought this was a good thing so that none of my projects could fall between the cracks. It had a couple of problems, though:

  • I somehow lost track of the big picture. I could miss duplicate projects, on the other hand there were projects that no longer fit my overall goals but, considered on their own, still made sense.
  • That review tab was always in my field of view but it somehow never received the right level of focus. Even while working through the projects in there it was just a chore instead of the one process that would give me the power to check my path through the world.

So I tried something else: I’m now reviewing all my personal projects on Sunday and all my work-related projects on Monday, first thing in the morning.

This is working very well so far. My stress level is lower since I no longer have to keep the reviews in mind. They happen exactly once every week and that’s it. It also adds a bit of ceremony around the review again, which got lost over the years. As for the “big picture”: So much better now! Every single week I know exactly what topics are on my plate and in my backlog, something I completely lost track before which frustrated me greatly 😍